HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher defended former Vice President Joe Biden  against progressive criticisms of his past political record, saying that the leading Democratic 2020 candidate has already “learned and moved on” from his problematic history.

Maher spoke to CNN’s Chris Cuomo in an interview that aired in parts both on Monday and Tuesday night.

“He was between a rock and a hard place,” Maher said of Biden’s recent pivot from supporting to opposing the Hyde Amendment. “He’s going to be that way for the rest of this campaign, because right now when he got in sitting well with the traditional centrist Democrats that make up most of the country.”

“People in this age don’t understand that humans evolve just like societies evolve and by the way to all the people that are so harsh on the past, there are things that you’re doing right now that are going to look bad in the future,” the talk show host went on to say. “Stop prosecuting people back then that did things that if you were around back then you would have done them too. If you were around in the 80s you would have worn the big shoulder pads because we all were doing that.”

While he acknowledged “Biden is not perfect,” he argued that the former VP has evolved and added, “He was rotten to Anita Hill, but what is he going to keep apologizing for it until the end of his time?”

After CNN’s Chris Cuomo suggested Democrats may need to look to a young person with no problematic policy baggage to lead the party into 2020,  Maher replied, “Why not just somebody that’s learned and moved on?”

“This is the only country that I can think of in history that doesn’t seem to get something very fundamental which is that in general people older are wiser… There’s dumb old people and smart young people. but in general, yes, I’m okay with someone who has learned and grown and seen a lot and has experienced it and has seen patterns. I like Mayor Pete but I do think 37 is a little too young. A little bit.”

Watch above, via CNN.