The Young Turks founder Cenk Uygur is praising Tucker Carlson again, this time by claiming that Carlson is “the only anchor on cable forcefully advocating for peace” with Iran, which is not true.

On Wednesday, Uygur tweeted praise for Carlson, saying that “In the bizarro world we live in @TuckerCarlson is the only anchor on cable forcefully advocating for peace,” adding “While @MSNBC dutifully beats the drums of war, Carlson is pointing out the obvious – war with Iran would be an epic disaster. When Tucker is more progressive than you …”

There are just a couple of things wrong with that message, the first being Uygur’s generous description of Carlson as an “anchor,” when most media experts (like the staff of Mediaite) would describe him as an opinion “host” for the network.

But if Carlson is an “anchor,” then so is All In with Chris Hayes “anchor” Chris Hayes, who occupies the same time slot as Carlson, and who aired a standalone commentary Monday night decrying the prospect of war with Iran. The segment concluded with Hayes observing “If you think Trump managing a trade war is scary, imagine him overseeing an actual war with Iran.”

Hayes referred to that commentary again on Tuesday night in front of a graphic showing Trump and John Bolton that read “Height of Idiocy,” sufficient evidence that Carlson is definitely not “the only anchor on cable forcefully advocating for peace.”

But a brief perusal of the MSNBC lineup shows that 9 pm “anchor” Rachel Maddow has also hosted at least one segment critical of the prospect of war with Iran.

Uygur appears to be referencing a segment from Carlson’s show in which the “anchor” appeared to claim that CNN and MSNBC are “agitating” for war, but he singled out commentators like Max Boot and Bill Kristol, not the network’s anchors.

This is the second time that Uygur has praised Carlson this week, but Uygur also devoted an 11-minute segment of his most recent show to trashing Carlson for being “disgusted by homeless people.”

Watch that segment above, via TYT Network.