Congresswoman Karen Bass (D-CA) tore into the Trump Administration on Tuesday by accusing them of keeping detained migrant children in horrible conditions to force Democrats’ hands as they continue to hash out a new border security spending bill.

Bass gave an interview to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota which gravitated around numerous recent reports on how migrant children are forced to live in substandard conditions with little to no access to basic medical supplies. Bass said Congress does need to approve money on the situation, but she also accused the government of depriving these children on purpose, saying “this is inflicted on these children as punishment to try to bring Democrats to the table to compromise on the border wall.”

As Bass and Camerota talked about how family separation still happens on the southern border, the congresswoman called it “a stain on our country” and that “if any parent did anything that is going on on the border, the children would literally be taken away and put in foster care.” Bass also invoked reports on how the administration was ordering a cancellation to education and recreational programs for these detained children.

“This was deliberate,” Bass said. “How dare you torture children to try to get a compromise out of Democrats, and I am sorry, but hearing about children walking around in soiled diapers, hearing about children taking care of toddlers, you are talking about straight-up child abuse, and I think that this needs to be condemned internationally.”

The conversation continued with Camerota skin why Democrats are supposedly having a hard time reaching an agreement on how to address the issue in Congress.

“Why squabble over money,” Camerota asked. “Why are you squabbling over money when the kids need the soap today. Why was that meeting among only Democrats so contentious?”

Watch above, via CNN.