Last night during an appearance on Fox News’ Hannity, anchor Gregg Jarrett went full conspiracist on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, likening the FBI to the KGB while saying the Bureau has become, “America’s secret police.” Host Sean Hannity completely endorsed Jarrett’s tirade, stating it was “not hyperbole.”

In a panel discussion on CNN’s The Lead this afternoon, former Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) took some pointed shots at Fox News and Jarrett for pushing that level of conspiratorial rhetoric about the FBI.

“I can’t tell you how dangerous this is,” Rogers, a former FBI official, told anchor Jake Tapper. He added that the FBI is keeping America safe from child pornographers, terrorists and organized crime.

After stating that other law enforcement agencies around the world strive to be like the FBI, Rogers took direct aim at Jarrett for comparing the bureau to the old Soviet agency.

“So, when you get into this pattern of, I agree with the FBI, they’re great, oh my gosh, they’re investigating someone I like, they’re bad,” the CNN national security commentator exclaimed. “And then take it and ramp it up and compare them to the KGB or the Stasi is absolutely offensive.”

He concluded, “Republicans, Democrats, everybody. Stop dragging this institution that is going to be there when you’re gone, protecting your grandkids, stop destroying its ability to do its mission. I find that stuff not only offensive but dangerous.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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