Though caravan coverage has significantly abated in the past week, Fox & Friends has not forgotten the plight of thousands of Central American migrants heading towards the Southern U.S. border. Or, more to the point, they haven’t forgotten the political opportunity this presents to the Trump administration and his base of “Build that Wall” voters.

Thursday’s coverage focused on the amazing story of a woman who was 8-months pregnant. According to co-host Steve Doocy, the woman “climbed over the border fence” near Tijuana, “and landed on the American side.”  Doocy explained how “she was arrested along with some others and then she had the baby here on American soil and the baby now, according to the law is an American citizen.”

Doocy appears to be reporting the AP story of a Honduran woman who was arrested on November 26th but gave birth on December 5th. Maryury Serrano Hernandez, 19, told Univision giving birth in the U.S. was a “big reward” for the family’s grueling journey. The family was released from custody on Sunday, pending the outcomes of their immigration cases.

It is the holiday season, and the plight of a poor pregnant woman traveling a great distance to find a sanctuary to give birth evokes the story of Mary and Joseph. One might expect the reaction from Ainsley Earhardt (who often espouses her Christian virtue) to express empathy or even love for la pobrecita (since that is what Jesus taught, right?)

Well, her dismayed expression at the end of the segment seemed more pro-Trump “Build that Wall” than “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God,”  from Luke 6:20-21.

Watch the segment above courtesy of Fox news.