Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt did not hold back against former FBI Director James Comey on what he thought was the biggest takeaway from the newly-released DOJ IG report.

Stirewalt began by criticizing the “partisans” who selectively draw conclusions to push narratives like how the FBI ruined it for Hillary Clinton or how the agency is so corrupt that it cannot credibly investigate President Trump.

But then he took aim at Comey for basing his decisions as FBI Director on the assumption that Clinton was going to win the 2016 election.

“The first and most important thing I take away from this is James Comey is ruined,” Stirewalt told Shannon Bream. “This is the full ruination of James Comey. We see now why he wanted to get his book out. We see why he did the aggressive publicity tour. This is horrible for him. And here’s Robert Mueller, not a spring chicken, who basically in a sense had to come out of retirement to save this — I don’t want to make it sound too strong, but to undo a lot of the damage that his successor did.”

Stirewalt went on to say that the IG report is a first step for the FBI to “reclaim its reputation” from the “harm that Comey did to it.”

“The DOJ acquitted itself well in doing such a thorough report, such a pretty unflinching when you get down to it about the failings inside the agency,” Stirewalt concluded.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.