CNN’s Jim Acosta has been making the rounds promoting his new book, today he swiped at Sean Hannity for some shots the Fox News host took at him.

Acosta said today he’s offered to sit down with Hannity to talk about his book but they declined. He also shared an excerpt from his book on an encounter with Hannity and Tucker Carlson in which they didn’t say anything to his face after criticizing him on TV so much.

After Acosta swiped at their “fauxmacho man bullshit,” Hannity responded by mocking Acosta for “BEGGING” to come on his show.

Hannity indicated he has no interest in bringing Acosta on his show, saying, “Sorry, I wont subject my audience to conspiracy theory fake news. Go hawk that garbage on the lowest rated cable channel u work for.”

[image via screengrab]