All the Hannity that’s fit to print?

During his opening monologue on Wednesday night, Sean Hannity reiterated his longstanding claim that he is not a journalist. But he also argued that his show is as comprehensive as…well…we’ll let him tell you:

“I don’t claim to be a journalist. We do journalism, [but] what we say about being a talk show host — we’re like the whole newspaper.”

The whole newspaper. Yes, go ahead and put down that New York Times. Hannity’s got you covered.

Here’s his reasoning:

“We do straight news when there’s a war, straight news on weather, straight news on important [incidents] that are happening, like Ferguson when that was happening, or Baltimore. And then we give a lot of opinion. So [we’ve got] the news page, editorial page, the opinion page. We even do gossip and sports — like tonight, for example, Tim Tebow is on. So we’re like the whole newspaper. That’s what we do.”

Yep. That’s what he does…

Watch above, via Fox News.