At the end of his opening monologue this evening, Fox News’ Sean Hannity went after one of his favorite targets — MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. And as you likely figured, it was over something Scarborough and the Morning Joe crew said about President Donald Trump.

On Thursday morning, Scarborough and the MJ panel discussed the president slurring his words while delivering a speech on Israel. Scarborough said that Trump wasn’t “the person that we knew even three years ago.” Contributor Steve Schmidt noted that the “question of [Trump’s] fitness — of his stability, is in the air.”

Hannity pounced.

“Finally, tonight, over at conspiracy TV MSNBC, Liberal Joe and his cohorts over at that network, well, they are at it again,” Hannity exclaimed, using his favorite insult of Scarborough.

After stating that Scarborough and his “panel of Trump-hating sycophants” engaged in “some deranged speculation” and playing clips from the MSNBC segment, Hannity lashed out directly at Scarborough.

“You are not mentally fit to host a TV show!” Hannity shouted, responding to video of Scarborough saying that it could be that “the President of the United States is not mentally fit.”

“Makes you wonder why Liberal Joe has so much rage and contempt for this president,” Hannity continued. “Joe, you are scaring us. I will pay for therapy if you need it.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

[image via screengrab]

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