The announcement on Thursday that Joe Biden is running for the 2020 Democratic nomination for President was the day’s biggest story, and that carried into late night, with host of The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon doing an extended bit about the former VP.

Fallon started by showing a clip from the Biden announcement video, and with a still from the clip on screen, he said “is he running for president or trying to sell me a reverse mortgage?”

He then went through the merchandise already for sale on the campaign website. “There’s Joe Biden mugs. There’s Biden pins, Biden tote bags and of course, Biden massagers.”

He did some jokes about a campaign stop at a pizza place where Biden got distracted while talking to reporters, and then went on to campaign slogans.

“Well, I saw that Biden’s official slogan is ‘Our best days still lie ahead.’ But they also brainstormed a a bunch of other slogans, by looking at some classic pictures of Biden. I’ll show you what I mean,” said Fallon. “For instance, first up, with this photo, his slogan would be, ‘Joe Biden: Make America feel a little tipsy again.’”

There we three more…

… before he got to the capper.

“Then there’s this picture. His slogan would be ‘Joe Biden: I got your back, America.’”

The audience groaned but laughed. A good set of jokes. Fallon seems to have a little more interest in that than some other late night hosts.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of NBC.