2020 presidential candidate Julián Castro hit back at the various fact-checking organizations and reporters who said his attack on Joe Biden was not true.

Castro was appearing on Meet the Press Daily Friday, where host Chuck Todd gave him the opportunity to respond to the fact-checkers.

“I think they missed the bar completely,” Castro said. “In fact, as I understand, one of the things they said was that the fact that people would have to fill out paperwork under Vice President Biden’s plan versus not having to do anything is basically inconsequential, it doesn’t amount to anything.

“I don’t know who they hire at PolitiFact but it’s obviously not somebody that has dealt with a working family or the realities of why people fall off insurance or other things where there’s an onerous process. I do take issue with that,” he continued.

“Do you think there’s a big difference between his paperwork and your paperwork?” Todd asked, noting one is opt-out and one is opt-in.

“That’s a big difference,” Castro said.

“Right now there are 27 million people uncovered,” he continued. “There would still be 10 million people uncovered under Vice President Biden’s plan. This was a disagreement about health care. He said very clearly that some folks would have to buy in. I said, you just said that and he said, no, they wouldn’t have to buy in. That’s why I said, look, it seems like you’re forgetting that you just said.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.