Fox News’ Laura Ingraham slammed President Donald Trump for his interview with The Sun, which he criticized British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Former Speaker and Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich assumed that the president was “embarrassed” by what was published by the British newspaper. However, he did compliment Trump for having a “really good trip,” invoking what he called a “shocking” editorial from The New York Times that declared that Trump got “everything” that President Barack Obama asked from NATO and that he never got.

“Trump must have gotten a lot done if even The New York Times had to say it,” Gingrich told Ingraham.

However, Ingraham wasn’t willing Trump off the hook for doing that interview with The Sun.

“If someone comes to our country, a foreign leader, and criticizes our president or our policies, we don’t much like that in the United States and I don’t think Donald Trump likes that,” the Fox host said. “When we had previous Mexican presidents doing that about our immigration, I know I hit him hard on the radio. It just doesn’t feel right. Going giving that interview to The Sun, it was a ridiculous mistake.”

“It was a mistake,” Gingrich agreed.

“But he clarified and he apologized for it,” Ingraham added.

Gingrich then went on to compare Trump to a baseball player who “strikes out” but “gets a lot of home runs” that such a balance is “his style.”

Ingraham responded by saying Trump has “lots of successes” considering he’s “still relatively new to this.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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