MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and Fox News’ Sean Hannity have taken swipes at each other in the past. Back in November, the Fox News star attempted to zing Wallace for failing to cover Uranium One, even though she had indeed discussed the Russian uranium deal on her program. And this past summer, Wallace mocked the hiring of Anthony Scaramucci as White House communications director, describing it as bringing in “all of Sean Hannity’s men.”

It looks like we can add another one to that list.

During today’s broadcast of Deadline: White House, Wallace began a segment by playing a clip of Hannity tearing into Special Counsel Robert Mueller. With Hannity stating that Mueller’s probe is a “disgrace to the American justice system” and that America is now on the “brink of becoming a banana republic,” the MSNBC host threw some major shade at the conservative commentator.

“Speaking of banana republics and disgraces…Sean Hannity, just one soldier in the Republican army taking on Special Counsel Robert Mueller,” she exclaimed.

Later on in the panel discussion, Wallace went back after Hannity, essentially noting that he should know better:

“I see Republicans who are well aware of Bob Mueller’s record. Sean Hannity knows exactly what Bob Mueller has done for this country. Leave his war record aside in Vietnam. He protected this country after 9/11. And the hypocrisy of the party who clapped really, really, really loudly when Donald Trump gave his bat-bleep crazy convention speech about law and order attacking the top law enforcement officials in the country is staggering to me.”

Wallace then turned to political analyst Steve Schmidt to provide his take on the whole situation. And the former John McCain campaign strategist didn’t hold back.

“What you’re seeing on Fox News is from the type of propaganda that you would be subjected to if you lived in Belarus or if you lived in Russia,” he stated. “It is dishonest. It is purposeful. It is misleading.”

Schmidt added, “And what you saw Sean Hannity doing, it’s wrong in the most profound way. It’s very, very wrong.”

“It was pointed out to me that it’s also dangerous,” Wallace responded.

We can only imagine how the Fox News host will react to this segment.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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