The American public is now evenly split about President Donald Trump’s job performance, according to the latest poll from Rasmussen, which was released on Monday.

The polling company highlighted that “this is the first time the president’s overall approval rating has been back in the 50s in nearly a month. Just after his inauguration, Trump’s job approval peaked at 59% and remained in the 50s every day until early March.”

However, in terms of strong feelings for the President, 39 percent “strongly disapprove” of Mr. Trump’s job performance, versus only 30 percent who “strongly approve.”

There is evidence, however, that the Rasmussen result may have been an outlier, as President Trump had lower job approval ratings in other recent polls. Marist’s Friday poll had the billionaire at 39 percent approval, 49 percent disapproval. Gallup, meanwhile, released a poll result on Sunday showing Trump at 41 percent approval, 53 disapproval.

Overall, the RealClearPolitics average for Mr. Trump’s job approval is 42 percent approval, 51 percent disapproval, as of Monday morning.

[image via screengrab]

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