The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd did not hold back — at all — in her scathing rebuke of the “world’s brattiest 72-year-old” President Donald Trump.

In her most recent op-ed published on Saturday, Dowd contrasts the upbringing of Rep. Nancy Pelosi to that of spoiled Trump.

According to Dowd, while Pelosi’s family saw immigrants and those with little as people to uplift into the American dream, the Trump family saw them as “suckers to squeeze.”

From the NYT op-ed:

According to The Times’s blockbuster tax investigation, Fred lavished Donald with three trust funds and $10,000 Christmas checks. When Donald was 8, he was already a millionaire, thanks to his tax-scamming father. Fred Trump was hauled before a congressional panel investigating whether he had looted government money through fraud. (One congressman said the patriarch’s chicanery made him “nauseous.”)

By the time Donald was 27, he had fully absorbed Trump family values, a callous inversion of noblesse oblige: He and his father were getting sued by the Justice Department for refusing to rent to blacks.

Dowd also points out the paternal bailouts and hefty allowances continued into Trump’s middle age.

“By the time he was in his 40s, Donnie’s allowance was more than $5 million annually. No wonder he’s still an infant,” Dowd noted.

Trump’s upbringing, Dowd further surmises,  has left Trump at a very different place from Pelosi as the shutdown lingers on.

“Pelosi deploys what she calls her ‘mother of five’ voice on our tantrum-prone president, perhaps in an effort to reparent him,” Dowd concludes. “But how do you discipline the world’s brattiest 72-year-old?”

Read the full op-ed here.