Hollywood singer Joy Villa, known lately for her pro-Trump appearances at the Grammy Awards each year, did it again this year with a twist: she wore a barbed wire “Trump wall” to the red carpet in support of border security and legal immigration.

“This is the wall,” said Villa, holding a red “Make America Great Again” purse and pointing to her silver steel-colored dress. “I believe in building a wall to protect our southern border, not to keep people out but to protect citizens of our country.”

Villa said she supports President Donald Trump‘s views on immigration, which she believes are often wrongly associated with racism and xenophobia.

“I’m part-Latina, I’m black,” she added, saying the dress was her way of making a statement to her progressive peers who were at the event.

This will be the fifth year in a row the singer shocked Grammy viewers by donning pro-Trump or fence-like garb to the red carpet. Last year, she wore a graphic white gown with the shape of an unborn fetus and the printed slogan, “I choose life.” In 2015 and 2016, she showed up in what looked like construction tape and steel bars. And in 2017, she wore her famous “Make America Great Again” dress.

Her dress designer, the Filipino-born couture artist Andre Soriano, also designed LGBT advocate and singer Ricky Rebel‘s MAGA red carpet outfit this year.

“Enjoy your president!” said one person loudly at the singer as he flashed his sequined Trump suit.

After her red carpet appearance, Villa took to Twitter to defend her pro-Trump attire and the president.