On Saturday, President Donald Trump canceled his visit to a World War I Memorial in France because it was raining.

As Retired Navy Admiral James Stavridis pointed out, not venturing out in the rain to visit a war memorial was just bad optics and poor planning.

“Admiral, the last time I checked the history books, the allies did not choose to stop fighting on days when there was bad weather,” MSNBC’s Keir Simmons said.

Stavridis replied that Trump’s no-show was an “unforced error.”

“Let’s face it, there is always a backup plan,” he continued on. “I’ve planned dozens of these high-level trips…There was certainly a way he could have gotten there. He should have done so.”

“The other leaders made it, the optics are bad here,” further noted.

Then, the admiral pointed out that Trump’s bad optics are not limited to his failure to visit a memorial. He also has not yet visited American troops currently risking their lives to fight abroad.

“Frankly, he has yet to visit a war zone as president of the United States, he hasn’t gone to Afghanistan to visit our troops,” the former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO said. “I think optics — bad on this one. I wish he made that trip.”

Stravridis was hardly the only one criticizing Trump for letting rain getting in the way of paying his respects.

Winston Churchill’s grandson Nicholas Soames also issued a tweet slamming Trump because he “couldn’t even defy the weather to pay his respects to The Fallen.”

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