Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass was unimpressed with former FBI Director James Comey‘s interview with George Stephanopoulos.

Joe Scarborough teed Haass up: “All he does is to feed into Donald Trump’s narrative and, it seems to me, make Robert Mueller’s job that much more difficult.”

“Indeed, that’s one of the unfortunate things is that it’s happening,” Haass replied. “This is enough of a circus now… without adding to it. This was self interest, not national interest.”

“I thought the most useful thing last night, Joe, was his distinction between the legal grounds for challenging the president and the fitness grounds. I think that’s a useful distinction,” he continued. “I thought his weakest thing last night was… he did nothing to persuade us that his various interventions in the run-up to the election were justified.”

Then Haass delivered the one-two punch: “This seemed to me a guy who was just talking to himself, was intellectually unmoored, almost without a compass. And here he is trying to justify what he did, when he did it, what he didn’t do. Who was he acting for? It just seemed to me he took on a disproportionate role in American politics without the mandate to do it.”


Watch above, via MSNBC.

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