A descendant of Robert E. Lee said he was “disheartened” to hear President Donald Trump praise the Confederate general during a rally in Ohio on Friday.

Robert Lee IV posted a video to Twitter on Saturday.

“Last night I was disheartened to hear Donald Trump, our president, make comments about Robert E. Lee as a great general, as an honorable man. These were far from the truth,” Lee said.

He then encouraged those enraged by “holy anger” to vote in the midterms.

On Friday, Trump offered an alternative history lesson praising the Confederate general and claiming Abraham Lincoln had a “phobia.”

Trump’s comments sparked backlash.

Lee’s Twitter message is also not the first time Lee has spoken up about his ancestor’s legacy and social issues.

A pastor and newspaper columnist, Lee was pushed out of his pulpit in 2017 after his remarks denouncing racism and praising the Black Lives Matter movement proved a step too far for his North Carolina parishioners.

For the record, a collateral descendant is someone who is descended from a brother or sister of an ancestor.

Watch above, via Twitter

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