President Donald Trump has not directly commented on Paul Manafort‘s deal on Twitter yet, but his lawyer Rudy Giuliani has been tweeting a lot about it this weekend.

Yesterday Giuliani cited an anonymous source who told Politico, “The cooperation agreement does not involve the Trump campaign… There was no collusion with Russia.”

This morning Giuliani accused all the morning shows of ignoring a “clear statement from Manafort team”:

It’s unclear which Sunday shows in particular he was watching, but had he been on Meet the Press, he would’ve seen Alan Dershowitz––who has come to Trump’s defense many times concerning the Mueller probe––rather directly saying this:

“What I don’t understand is how you can say that the deal is limited. The deal, as I understand it, says that Manafort will cooperate about anything that the special counsel asks him about. There are no limits. This wasn’t a deal that says ‘we’re gonna talk only about so-and-so but we’re not gonna talk about Trump or the Trump Tower meeting’… I understand why Rudy Giuliani, who’s a good lawyer, wants to put this in the most positive light. But this was a very bad day for the Trump administration.”

Giuliani also took a swipe at Robert Mueller:

[image via screengrab]