CNN conservative commentator and HLN host SE Cupp made it clear that she was not impressed by the speech Al Franken gave today to announce his imminent departure from the the U.S. Senate.

Franken confirmed the suspicions of the political and media worlds today when he announced that he would step aside in light of the various sexual misconduct allegations against him. However, when Franken concluded his address today, there were several observers who criticized him for not being more apologetic to his victims or more modest about his personal record.

When Cupp appeared to talk about the speech with Brooke Baldwin, she joined the fray by slamming the outgoing senator for not showing more contrition for his inappropriate behavior.

“That resignation speech was so self serving, it was ‘I I I , me me me. Here’s what I’ve done…’ Who cares? If you are a woman who felt violated by Al Franken, you think that’s somehow reassuring to you, that makes it better? There was nothing about this that was focused on the victims.”

Cupp also critiqued Franken for using his speech to reflect on the “irony” that his downfall has come while Roy Moore and President Trump are still alive in national politics. Cupp concluded that in the event of Moore’s election to the senate, it would be interesting to see how many senators condemn him for his alleged sexual abuses like they did to Franken.

Watch above, via CNN.

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