Seth Meyers went after Fox News for reinforcing President Donald Trump’s “alternate reality” in his latest Closer Look.

In an interview that aired after Trump’s Texas rally on Fox News, Trump admitted to Laura Ingraham that he had actually chosen to do the interview with her, rather than read the proposed bipartisan deal to avoid the shutdown.

Meyers did not let that presidential comment slide.

“He literally said, I had a choice between running the government and going on Fox News, and I chose Fox News,” Meyers said. “No quote has ever summed up Trump’s presidency better than that.”

He then quipped that “anyone” can get on Fox News, it wasn’t like it is an exclusive club.

Meyers also pointed out that Trump’s attempt to “save face” and change the messaging from “Build the Wall” to “Finish the Wall” at his El Paso rally had one big, Fox News centered flaw.

“If you had [started construction on the wall], Fox News would have a camera pointed at it 24/7 and the foreman on the job would be the fourth Fox & Friend,” Meyers reasoned.

Taking another swipe at Fox News, Meyers finally summed up the lesson of Trump’s presidency “so far.”

“You can’t negotiate with someone who inhabits a different reality than you do,” he said. “Trump spends all day digesting lies from Fox News. Fox News, in turn, reinforces his alternate reality.”

Meyers then played clips of Fox News hosts insisting Trump will find a way to win even though he didn’t get the wall money he was seeking.

Watch above, via NBC