I have a dream of one day having an entire room in my home filled with firearms. In this dream, the handguns are elegantly stacked on shelves and in big, beautiful safes; the crew-served weapons, like belt-fed machine guns and artillery pieces, are neatly arranged in their own safe spaces along the perimeter of the room; and the rifles and shotguns are all displayed proudly on the walls.

To get an idea of what I’m aiming for, Heckler and Koch’s Gray Room is a good starting point. Not an endpoint, of course, it’s much too modest for that, but a good starting point.

Sadly, I don’t have the means to accomplish my dream as of yet. Luckily, Raptor Products has a solution that can grow with my collection and is limited only by my own ambitions. So, even though I only have a single AR-15 to hang at the moment, the Raptor rail system can accommodate me. And, whenever my arsenal matches my aspirations, the Raptor rail system will be able to accommodate me then too.

That’s because the Raptor rail system is modular. I can configure it to match my needs. I can build a mounting system that holds my AR by its flash hider and buffer tube, or by its picatinny rail, or by its magazine well. The rail can be three or 18 or 32 inches.

The rails are made from anodized high-strength, lightweight Aluminum. The mounting pieces are made from a heavy duty polymer. They both feel sturdy.

The mounting process is simple. Find a stud, screw the rail to it, slide your preferred mounting pieces onto the rail, snap your AR into place. Simple.

The result is clean and professional but also utilitarian. Not only can you show off your AR in a unique and eye catching way, you can also get that same AR off the wall and in the fight in a matter of seconds. It works better than I’d imagined it would.

That’s thanks to Raptor’s innovative locking system. Line the gun up properly, give it a snug push, and it snaps into place. Once it’s on in the mount you just give it another snug push and it pops right back out. Simple.

You can even get mounts with a lock and key. That way only the person with the key can get the gun off the wall without ripping the entire system out of the studs it’s screwed into. It’s an elegant solution that allows the gun to be on display, readily accessible to the owner, and still secured from everyone else.

Raptor’s system is downright perfect for mounting and displaying ARs and similar rifles. It’s pretty affordable too, with the cheapest kit starting at $150. The only real downside is that they don’t have even more mounts for even more firearms. I’d like to hang my Remington 870 on the wall too, you know.

I’m glad that I’m on my way to realizing my dream, though. It’s a small first step but I’ll never reach that room-full-of-guns paradise if I don’t start somewhere!