“The president talks a lot about how this Russia Investigation has hampered his administration – and I totally agree with the president on that,” Nunes said. “And if the president wants the American people to really understand just how broad and invasive this investigation has been to many Americans, and how unfair it has been, he has no choice but to declassify. And I will tell you, as we continue to move forward here, it’s in the best interests of our intelligence agencies to have full transparency on this, because you’re really dealing with many Americans who are living in an alternative universe – who have drank this Russia Kool-Aid.“There is a large number of Americans, Maria – and I know it’s probably not the people watching your show right now – but you would be shocked at the number of Americans who have drank the Russia Kool-Aid and they actually believe that Donald Trump is under the control of Vladimir Putin. They actually believe that House Republicans are somehow under the control of Vladimir Putin. I bet 10 percent, 15 percent, 20 percent of Americans believe this. And it’s absolutely nuts.”

Posted by David Croom on Monday, September 17, 2018