Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan urged CNN to sue President Donald Trump following the White House’s decision to suspend reporter Jim Acosta‘s press pass.

In an editorial published Thursday, Sullivan argued “words and walkouts aren’t enough” to respond the the administration’s punishment of the network’s chief White House correspondent, which it has defended with a possibly doctored video attempting to show Acosta acting aggressively toward an intern at a press conference.

Though Sullivan felt Acosta is sometimes “a grandstander who seems to thrive on conflict with President Trump and doesn’t always know when to stop his aggressive questioning,” she contended the White House went too far.

“That action amounts to punishing a member of the press for doing his job of informing the public — and then creating a false pretext to justify that [retaliation].”

Sullivan then argued it was time for CNN to take legal action against the administration, calling for Fox News to stand up in solidarity with the network as well.

“CNN should sue the Trump White House on First Amendment grounds,” she said. “And press-rights groups, along with other media organizations, should join in to create a united and powerful front.”

While Sullivan acknowledged that a suit wasn’t “a perfect solution” and could feed Trump’s anti-media narrative while detracting from other critical news, she concluded it would be worse to see “a bullying White House get away with retaliating against the press and then lying about it.”

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