James O’Keefe is firing back at Washington Post reporter Paul Farhi over factually incorrect statements made by Farhi in his reporting on the latest Project Veritas undercover videos.

Specifically, O’Keefe is taking Farhi to task over an article entitled “What the latest James O’Keefe video leaves out”, which covers the first “American Pravda” video. In the article, Farhi claims O’Keefe did not reveal that CNN Producer John Bonifield, who called the Russia story “bullsh*t” in the undercover video, was based in Atlanta and not Washington or New York.

“[The video] doesn’t disclose that he is based in Atlanta — not in Washington or New York, where most of CNN’s coverage of national affairs and politics are produced,” Farhi writes.

Farhi’s claim is factually incorrect. O’Keefe explicitly mentions that Bonifield is based in Atlanta in the video.

“I’d like to introduce you to CNN’s supervising producer John Bonifield from Atlanta,” O’Keefe says in the video’s introduction.

The easily fact-checked claim prompted O’Keefe to call Farhi who promised to look into issuing a retraction or correction.

“There’s a factual error that says i did not mention that john was based in Atlanta,” O’Keefe says to Farhi during a phone call. “In my on-camera in the video I clearly state that he, you know, he’s from Atlanta. Can you publish a retraction on that?”

“Let me look into it,” Farhi answers. “Yes, if we got it wrong we got it wrong, we’ll correct.”