President Donald Trump turned his campaign rally in New Hampshire into a mass-focus group.

In a bewildering sequence on Thursday night in Manchester, the president solicited feedback from his supporters on the question of whether to keep 2016 campaign slogan Make America Great Again for this next go-round, or adopt a new tagline — Keep America Great.

“We have to make a decision,” Trump said. “Do you give up the greatest slogan in the history of politics in our country? Do we give up Make America Great Again for a new slogan?”

Then, after a detour in which he bashed several of the Democrats vying to run against him next November, Trump returned to his poll.

“Are you ready?” Trump said — urging the audience to applaud for their preference. “We’ll start with Make America Great Again, and then Keep America Great. Who’s in favor of the campaign theme being “Make America Great Again?”

After gauging the crowd’s applause, Trump then asked, “Who’s in favor of our theme being Keep America Great?”

The supporters cheered again, as Trump held up a hat with the latter slogan and mugged for the camera.

Watch above, via Fox News.